Point Cloud to Dwf

I’ve recently done a point cloud scan and would like to provide the client with a rendering in Enscape of the model with the point cloud overlaid. The problem being that Enscape can not render point clouds. So what I would like to do is covert the pointcloud data into some form of object that enscape can display.

I found this Using Dynamo and Revit to Convert Point Clouds to Actual Geometry for Use in Tekla or Other Software » What Revit Wants example of something similar. I managed to recreate this in dynamo and have successfully placed dynamo points correctly. My issue is that Dynamo points do not display in Enscape either so my next guess would be to place a family of a sphere at each point, however this is proving to be extremely slow, even after i reduced the model size from 20Gb to 500Mb.

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi @filipe.dias
You can convert your point cloud to revit family, then you can use insid Enscape

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Thanks RMohareb,
What do the values in the transform block represent?

to transform Point cloud. if you don’t need to transform ignore this part

Thanks, are the points placed by the script any different to the Point.ByCoordinate node build into dynamo?

yes, here you need to insert reference point inside family environment. Point.ByCoordinate create dynamo point opject.

Hi @RMohareb So I used the last node in your script with my script which produces the required XYZ coordinates. It does place adaptive points. The family template I used was generic adaptive family.

However I am not able to see these points in Enscape, any Idea why?

Hi @filipe.dias
what you need refrance point not adaptive point for that please stop this two line

then try to insert it into revit project.

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