Point Cloud insertion & rotation/tilt

I’ve inserted a point cloud in Revit and both moved it’s insertion point and rotated it in all 3 axis. Is there any way to extract that information so I can use it as a ‘transform’ in Navisworks to get the point cloud into the same position in both NW and Revit?


BTW, I have the zhukoven package which shows the ‘insertion’ but nothing with rotation. Cheers!

I can’t see an obvious way to do this- but wondering if it is easier to do the other way around
i.e transform in Navisworks (where you can easily see the transformation) then apply this in Revit


yeah, I’m having difficulty finding consistency between the insertion points that NW uses and that Revit uses when placing a point cloud - their ‘center to center’ nor ‘origin to origin’ appear to be what NW uses. I actually reverted to AutoCAD for this, So my final workflow was this:

  1. link point cloud into Revit and adjust position
  2. export Revit to 3D dwg
  3. attach point cloud into AutoCAD and adjust position to match
  4. delete dwg contents (except point cloud)
  5. append dwg into NW and the point cloud comes through

this is obviously a sub-optimal process. All the work Autodesk is putting into ReCap it would be great if they’d tackle this issue.