Point Add issue with If Statement



Hello all,

I’m having an issue with my ‘If Statement’. I’m trying to say if my parameter of ‘Rough Opening’ = 0 (a la not used in this particular families case), then make the parameter a set amount, otherwise use the parameter value.

Even though I get correct True/False statements on my test, it doesn’t seem to parse through the information of my X (0) + Y (2.100). Any thoughts?

P.S I’m still using 0.7.0 while my firm runs 0.8 through IT (Long slow process) hence the X/1000 node.

Point Add Issue

The If node doesn’t process lists. Use a Formula node with the following syntax instead: if(test,var_true,var_false)

Oh that makes sense now. Thanks Andreas.

Resolved that one, thanks again Andreas! Next issue is boggling me… but first my Definition intent:

Pull into Dynamo exisiting doors. Query base point. Query orientation. Create points (in both negative and positive) based off door width at vector derived from orientation in either X or Y direction. Create line from these two new points. Create wall from these points and data pulled from door to give level, height and type. Change new walls to chosen workset.

[My definition ends here at present]

Next steps would be: Re-host original doors to new walls. Change door workset.

Where I’m stuck at present is showcased in the attached image. I can’t seem to get the Wall.ByCurveAndHeight working. It’s stating that it can’t parse (_array,_array,_array,_array) in the error message so I tried List.Chop (1 per chop) and List.Transpose but had no success.


Door Replacer from Placeholder Workset

Wall Issue

Hi Sol,

Right now you’re feeding the wall types as a string, while the node requires actual wall type elements.

Makes total sense Dimitar, thanks for clearing that up. I’ll hunt around for a way to convert the string into a real element now then :slight_smile:

For the record, you can convert strings to wall type elements with the “WallType.ByName” node.

But in your case, you’re already feeding in actual wall type elements into the “WallType.Name” node, so why not simply connect those to the wall creation node? Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

It does, thanks dude! Got other issues now - but I think I can resolve them by myself :smiley: I’ll make some noise if I can’t.

I’m running into an odd issue. I’m not sure where I’m going wrong, if it’s bugged or I’m missing something really quite obvious on this.

I’m feeding in some ‘Wall.Orientation’ numbers - simply -1 or 1 depending on X and Y axis. I’m using that and a simple formula node to pump in Point.X and Point.Y data for a Point.Add node.

The formula is however failing. In the showcased image I should be getting a number output for the Formula node list output of indices 2-16 yet I’m not.

Dyn Issue Formula Not Working









I’m also trying to filter out certain wall types (ie. Curtain Walls that don’t need to be replaced) but am not having much luck. I can filter them out based off a Boolean operation querying their type, but I don’t know how to apply that filter to my actual list of elements in the ‘FamilyInstance.Location’ node and subsequently parse out to my GetParameter nodes.

Door Replacer from Placeholder Workset

Anyone able to shed some light on this? Bug? Me being a muppet and not writing formulae correctly?

Hi Sol


About the wall orientation I can´t help you, but I would make sure that the value you are providing is a number, and I would remove the spacing before if(

When you are making your filter by boolenmask, I would recomend to use the AllElementsFromCategori as input. It worked for me in the attached script.

Hope to see the result of your script.

Change window to wall