Placing views on sheet view port miles out

Hi All

i having hard time again

Trying to create views and place them on sheet.

But problem i have is that one of the views (Viewport text) its miles away from actual element.

I hav attached screenshot to illustrate the problem

How do you controll view port text ???

If i place view manuly all perfect but not automatically ???

How to deal with this???


Is the crop region in your views on? Make sure your views are cropped to the extents you want to have on sheet.
Viewport text normally goes to the bottom left corner of the view.
Unfortunately there’s no way to control the location programmatically.

Hi thanks for your time

It looks like lable line and text get placed right but view its self its mile out

Crop view set to crop

I have attached screenshot
it looks like problem with crop region crop coordinates or something

How can i fix this ???

In green manulay placed

In red auto placed

its looks like



I think i narrow the problem

looks like sheet creator dont like this from @cloockworks package

if i create views manuly then all fine

but the minute i use this i start getting sheet size errors

can any one help me here pls???

Is there another way to get curves from bounding box???


Further to this

i found that manually created crop region do have VECTOR data there

see in green is autmaticly created curves and in red is manually created crop

how can i get vector data from curves ???


You can get their start and end point and use Vector.ByTwoPoints.
For the rest of your queries, can you post a stripped down version of your rvt and dyn files? Keep the views you want to put on sheet and the titleblock you are using.

Hi I found the problem

There is no wrong with views or packages

The problem is running order

How can I control running order ???

If I can make sheet creation last and only then add views on sheet this way it not messing up

Post a full camera export of your current graph. Hard to see how to adjust things if you can’t see everything.

I advise you to use the node Passthrough from Clockwork if it’s a problem of order of operations.

See attached

Lokks like plan views and 3d View is ok but sections still gets strange.

If I separate sheet creation part and running separate all gets placed nicely (same Views)

I have tried to use it but keep getting Revit Fatal errors when running


Any one ???

O can you please indicate me where exactly to place pass-through node???