Placing parking spots on ramp using Dynamo?

Hello guys,

I am trying to place parking spots on a ramp using dynamo and having a hard time.
I tried place the rectangle using translate but I dont think I am going on the right path.

I also tried searching similar topics but ended up with no solution.

Any help please?

Thanks in advance.

Try the following:

  1. Create a line where you want the spots.
  2. Build a range from 0 to the length of the curve, with a number of steps equal to the floor of the length of your line divided by the length of your stall. Something like 0..Length..#Math.Floor(length/width);
  3. Use a Curve.CoordinateSystemAtSegmentLength to get the coordinate system along the line at each length in your range.
  4. Draw a rectangle at the origin that is the size of your spot. If you use the Rectangle.ByLengthWidth be sure to shift it by 1/2 of the length and width so that the corner is at the origin.
  5. Use a Geometry.Transform node to move the geometry into place.
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Thanks a lot for your correspondence Jacob, I will try and update you.

Hello Jacob,

I tired my best to understand what you said and came up with this and tried using various steps but dint work, can you please have a look at the script thanks.Automatic parking placement…dyn (39.6 KB)

Parking_2.dyn (61.0 KB)
I got the parking placed but not able to populate in the revit model and I am trying to conncect it to the floor or a line so that I can run the parking placements in different options. I used “importinstance.bygeometry” node to populate it in revit model.
I am looking for something like this.
Kindly find the attachment