Place openings based on LocationPoint and Hostwall


I want place Opening(host based) based on locationpoint from a linked Openining! what should i take in mind? placing finaly does not work… first i would just prove wall openings

GetPlaceAndSetOpenings.dyn (33.6 KB)

have i to integrate the host

it is placing it wrong or nothing

Hi Andreas…have you tried this one here ? for link i would try link element surfaces from BiMorph it normally works for me :wink:

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@sovitek ,hello

i tried already, i had problems to select the right face and the orientation, … i think the issue is my openings are hostbased. Its not only the point. KR Andreas

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@sovitek ,

i gave it try… it does not work

GetPlaceAndSetOpenings_V01.dyn (55.4 KB)