Placing of Lighting Fixture on multiple ceilings at different heights

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I am pretty new to Dynamo and I am trying to place a single type of lighting fixture at the bottom of multiple ceilings at a time (which are situated at different heights).

For location, I extracted the coordinates of Lighting Fixtures from AutoCAD file into an excel and succeeded to place those fixtures on a single ceiling (highlighted in a green coloured group in dynamo script). But now I want to place those fixtures at different ceilings at a different height.

I think this could happen after isolating the ceilings of the ground floor and give them as a host. (correct me if I am thinking wrong).

Family # Placement via AutoCAD.dyn (22.6 KB)

I run the script what I made but only 3 lighting fixtures placed in my model


Waiting for your valuable suggestions.

Thank you.

pls upload your xls and your rvt file

have you tryed this?

Hey there,
Mr/Mrs Fiesta… may I also ask if it is possible to place a set of revit families in multiple levels referencing all elements at level for instance?Capture 02

I mean, it’s like duplication or array families in vertical orientation… thanks much

Thanks@Fiesta for replying.
Please find the excel file (contains coordinates X,Y,Z) and AutoCAD file (Plan view of both ceiling and lighting fixtures)
Test file for placement of families.dwg (434.0 KB)
Test file for placement of families V02.xls (26 KB)

I drag and drop the Revit file here, but it is not uploading (I don’t know why it is happening). Can you please tell me what is the correct way to upload the Revit file here?
For your reference, I exported some AutoCAD files.
ARC - Floor Plan - Ground Floor.dwg (19.7 KB)
ARC - Elevation - North.dwg (23.8 KB)
ARC - 3D View.dwg (69.7 KB)
Please let me know if it works for you.

As per your suggestion. I have tried the ‘FamilyInstance.ByCoordinates’.
Yes, it places the family as per the location (extracted by AutoCAD), but it not placing the family at the bottom face of the ceiling.

Let me know if I am missing something.

Thank you.

i am also have same problem.


Experiment on a dead file.

Hi thank you so much for reply… i got solution.

Hi @Durmus_Cesur

Thanx for your reply.
Could you please help me to find the spring package? I searched the same and find the following packages. I installed both the springs packages mentioned in the image below, but it is not working.

“Spring Nodes” Package. Which Dynamo Version are you using?

I am using Dynamo version


Failure to work may be the difference in version.
I use Dynamo Version 2.02.

I can’t find hostobject.bottomsurface in rhythm package, can you help me please?

Place Families as per Ceiling Height.dyn (62.6 KB)

Hello ,
I downloaded the dynamo script to try it .
But i found that there are CAD links .
Can you tell me the whole idea of the script?
And how to operate it.
Thank you