Placing Model Groups and Changing Phasing

I’m trying to place groups of storefront for a legend, similar to what I did with windows a while back, and am having trouble getting the filtered list of groups to place, and then change the phasing correctly.

In the current graph, I’m using Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint which works with only one group, or a String, but passing Element.Name through with a longer list doesn’t work. Changing the lacing does get one group to place and sets the phasing correctly, but the remainder of the groups don’t place properly.

I’ve also mucked around with the BVN nodes which kind of work for what I need, but it doesn’t seem to like the filtered list either, and the model group collector collects everything when I only need a few groups. Also tried the Python approach that @Daniel_Woodcock1 posted here but it ends up placing one group over and over instead of one of each.

I’m sure there is some dumb step I’m missing but can’t quite wrap my head around it…

Create-Families-Legends-Storefront.dyn (29.2 KB)
PlaceGroupsInModel.rvt (1.5 MB)


Hi @Chad_Clary

Could you turn on the preview values of each node and drop screenshot again. Thanks!

Sure thing