Placing Generic model opening on linked doors location

I want to place a generic model opening on my walls at linked doors/windows
any idea to do that?

There are many similar threads that tackle this issue for duct and pipe openings that you could look into. The basic process is to get linked doors and windows (and their dimensions), check for locations or intersections with your walls, then place your generic model family at those points. Then update the generic model dimensions to match your linked elements. You may also have to rotate the generic model depending on if it’s hosted or not.

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thank u for suggestion ,
the problem is when use Element.Geometry node to get door solid u get many solids because the door contains more than one part.
is there another method to get one solid for one door?


You might union the solids into one & get it’s centroid point. Moreover, you can get “Element. Location” of door - output will be a point - and use this point as an insertion point for your generic opening.

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Hey Nick, sorry to revive this thread from the dead.
I have ran into the same problem of having rotated generic models.
Do you have any tips on how to get the original orientation of the linked elements and spot on drop a generic model of the same size and same rotation there? The size and position i managed to get, but the rotation is 90 degrees off for 50% of our generic models.
Cheers, Alex

Try using FacingOrientation to get the orientation of the generic models and rotate accordingly.

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Keep in mind that Generic Model Families are not Room bounding.
You could easily create a Door Family with the same script (maybe even easier)
But you do need a Wall, that may be annoying.

Thank you for your reply Marcel and Nick,
My script is for a different purpose. We have received an MEP model with penetrations modeled as Mechanical equipment families. My office uses generic model families as penetrations. The script’s purpose is to get the position of the MEP penetrations and create generic model penetrations on the same spot, then cut the geometry from the walls.
I find that this method works well for my script too, the only problem being that once the generic model families are placed on the MEP mechanical models, 50% of the generic models are rotated 90 degrees.
I shall try with @Nick_Boyts recommended and use FacingOrientation and report back.

The solution would be to use the FamilyInstance.FacingOrientation in comparing both the family you want to rotate versus the already rotated families. Masking it and then rotating the element with the FamilyInstance.SetRotation seems to do the trick.
Thanks for the help!

Hey Alex by any chance could you please share the script. I am working on a similar workflow with openings.