Placing fire damper on ducts intersecting rf walls

Hi All,

Been trying to find a good way to automaticaly place fire dampers on ducts going thrue RF-walls and floors (by extents based on that rating).
I did find a graph for detecting those "clashes"
Next step would be to place an instance of a firedamper on the ducts at the intersection with wall/floor.
Anybody any idea or pointers for this problem?

thx a bunch cause it’s driving me crazy :wink:

Its quite easy to place them on the clash/intersect points, using Family Instance by Point, but they wont be inserted into the duct and connected at both ends.
That step will be much more difficult to do, split the duct removing the correct length, place the fire damper with connectors at precisely the same points as the duct ends, make the connectors join each other… I dont know exactly how you would do that.

In the API help there is the possibility to create a duct between 2 connectors (Document.NewDuct(Connector, Connector, DuctType)), so maybe something like;

Get existing duct that passes through wall
Get the 2 objects(and the 2 connectors) the duct is connected to
Delete the existing duct
Place the fire damper
Get the connectors of the fire damper
Create new ducts from the fire damper connectors to the existing connectors

Thanks This new node in the MEPover package dose the trick. The fitting connectors must be set to “fittings”, not globe like the default Damper.


Hi Sean,

I tried to work with this program but i am not getting what it says.
Please find attached screen shots,


Please reveiw

Did you try Curve.SoldIntersection Node from BimorphNodes? here is how i’m doing it.

Hi Jalsu,

Thanks for the post.
I am not getting the nodes “Curve.solidintersection” & “Element.intersectssolids”.

please let me know if i have to install a package ?


I tried doing exactly what you said but have some missing puzzles. please assist me in going further. I am quite new with dynamo.

Its very difficult to help you without seeing what are the node outputs you are getting. Could you please show it in another snip?