Place component onto containment (duct accessory onto duct)


I’ve seen bits and bobs of stuff around kinda explaining this but havent been able to piece it together.

I have a list of 16 ducts (elements)
and a list of 16 fire dampers (elements) that should be placed on the ducts. (So that when the duct moves, the duct accessory moves with it)
Now so far, i’ve got them placing exactly where I need them, but they aren’t connected onto the duct, is there something silly i’m missing to do this? I originally thought about splitting the duct in half and trying to use the MEPOver connect node to connect each end into the damper, but couldn’t figure that out either.

Any advice on this would be great.

I don’t have any images to provide as i’ve not made any progress in it yet as i’m completely stuck.