Placing breaks into family

I was asking if there is away to place a breaks into family inside Revit model using dynamo, like placing valve on pipe and to be connected from both sides.

Can you give an illustration, diagram, or example of what you mean?

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Ok, i want to place fire dampers where the duct clashes with walls, i used the below diagram but fire damper family is placed with no adjusted orientation and with no connection with ducts as shown below.

You can try out this new node from the MEPover package that I made:

Here’s an example graph that will use BimorphNodes intersection node for finding clashes between walls in the linked file and ducts in the host file. Mechanical fitting creation by wall intersection.dyn (22.0 KB)

I have not tested this on a lot of projects yet so I can’t guarantee it will work for you as well.

Thank you for your reply, can you help me with this warning!

Try and read the error, you are parsing an empty list to port A. Try using a code block to specify your input.

I did that and connected the ducts directly to this node and this warning appeared.

Then i used the mentioned node in the warning and this warning appeared. i can’t understand this last warning.

What happens if you do this:

If that doesn’t work try and add a watch node on your “Link Instance” so we can se what is going on. (Looks like it comes out as an array from the looks of the error).

The same warning if i connect the ducts category directly, and here is the watch node on link instance.

I tried the below schematic but it gave only one intersection per duct for interference check with four walls.