List collisions: structure link x modeled

Hello everyone!
I learned a lot on this forum about dynamo, so I’m asking for help today about a routine that I’m stuck!

I would to list all intersections of structure with conduit, but my structure is a link and the conduit is modeled.

I developed a part that had worked for modeling vs. modeling, but in link it didn’t work. Does anyone know how to help me out of this one?
Intersect.dyn (27.3 KB)


Hello…do you have multiple links ??? you could try something like this, probably it will work for you

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Thanks @sovitek !
It’s a good idea, it worked for the case you exemplified, but I used the other method because I need “element.getlocation” (I’ll put a family at the clash point).
So by geometry its possible to use getlocation and locate family? because I used getlocation on a linkelement and it returned null

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Point at parameter gives you the clashpoint, where you can insert a family

Nice @sovitek ! Its worked correctly using this node!
thank you very much, it was a great way out of this problem.

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Great…here is if you wanna know which linked components there ii intersect

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