Getting geometry from a family or mass

I am trying to find clashes between walls and pipes (pipes is an imported DWG file as generic model/mass)
I am running in to some trouble when i try to get intersection from elements. The node gives the following error:

Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of IntersectAll that takes arguments of type (__array,__array)

Below are two screenshots, one from dynamo and one from revit, to show how the generic model is shaped. Every part you see penetrates a wall in a project. I need to find all the clashing points to place a void family over the clashes.

Has anyone been able to get geometry from a family like shown below?

Try sending the wall‘s geometry not the wall itself.

Thanks that helped!

Unfortunetly i walked into another error straight away…
“Warning: Geometry.IntersectAll operation failed.
Unable to create intersection boolean : INCONS_FACE – inconsistent face-body relationships”

If anyone is interested,
This was resolved by removing the middle flange.
But this is not ideal for me since i need to see wether it is just a normal pipe or a wall sleeve with puddle flange.
Trying to find a way around this.

At AECTech, we will be releasing a new dynamo package that consists of what you need in particular! Do stay tune at our website for the official release. Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up, but i dont think this will work for me since these are not ducts but generic models. The piping is exported as a STEP file and inserted as either a generic model or mass. I dont think categories like ducts work for this problem.

you can just change the category to generic models… it will still work as per expected…

EDIT: Or just use your mass or what ever categories you choose from.

Allright cool, will check it out when it is released, when do you think that will be, this year? Could you give me an estimated release date?

End of this month latest!

Great! I will keep an eye out for that.