Placing clamps on pipes

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I am making a script about placing clamps along a pipe.
the script basically reads an excel (coordinates of each clamp), I select the host (pipe) and select the family. the result is that it draws the family but at level 0. I need urgent help, thank you.

Importa excel puntos (XYZ) a Soportes de Tubería.dyn (26.4 KB)


Can you show the list with the points? What is the value of point z?


good morning
Attached excel sheet and screenshot, (contains absolute z values ​​since revit level is 0)
Soporte tubería.xlsx (75.8 KB)

Thank you.
If I understand you correctly he place them on the wrong level? the rest of the coordinates are correct?

if it is correct the X and Y coordinate does not recognize the elevation. I have tried another generic family that does not need a host and it does it correctly (X, Y, Z)

is the height of the pipe and the family to be placed the same?

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Yes, is the offset of the pipe and the z value of the clamp the same?

Contraincendios - red principal.xlsx (105.9 KB) Soporte tubería.xlsx (75.8 KB) if it is the same, because I have selected the same excel sheet for both the pipes and the clamps

Hmm strange, can you do something with Element.Setparameter and then with the level parameter?

Please be carefull with that, do it in a test project. You have a lot of elements…

What is the point of using the pipes as a host?

Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I couldn’t connect. I have made two excel sheets (one for pipes and another for supports) that contain the common information X Y Z. They represent the pipe axis

So, if i understand correctly the clamps don’t ‘need’ a host, so make them so (not ‘host based)’.