Placing an elevation marking in Python


As part of a much bigger project I’m trying out some code to place an ElevationMarker.

From this I will generate some elevations and so other stuff.

The problem is that my code which places the marker fails:

I’m fairly sure the issue is with getting the view to place the elevation marker (I’m using,

If i remove the try: from the transaction, I get an error which states 'Errortype: expected ElementId, got int

Any thoughts?

Kevin, this is something a few people have been working on recently.
Have a look at @Jeremy_Graham website, he made this and it is fantastic! You may want to tweak it to use room boundary’s instead of model lines.
See this thread also about this definiton: Module 2 - Creating Elevations - Far Clip Offset adjustment possible?
Module 2 Issue - Marker Incorrect Orientation

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I’m trying to create elevations from rooms as you guessed and have most of the other code working, its just placing the elevation marker which fails…

I can’t see what I’m doing different from those to the links in your post?


I think you need a ViewFamilyType:

The difference between your code and the one in :

for your elementid question a snippet:

i=1 # a valid Id retrieved from Revit

elementId = ElementId(int(i)) # assign the id

Einar Raknes - Yes, that was the problem - Thanks for your help.