Placing a Mass

Hi! I’m trying to place a mass in a Revit by help of dynamo. I keep getting a message about selecting unique names for each family instance. The entire script runs correctly and it only gives me warning regarding naming. Can someone help me to understand the issue here?


Can you show your geometry input? Also make sure there aren’t any existing masses in the model from a prior run.

Hello …try count them for unique name…

There is no mass in the model. also when I run the script, there is no outcome, but I run the scrip with ImportIntance.ByGeometries and or similar nodes, I get all the solids as an importedinstance in Revit as it’s shown in the image. But that’s not my goal, I’d like to import each solid as one Mass into the Revit project.

that’s what I did in order to get unit names.

yeah sorry i see…how about a flattern from your solids ?

Notice that your solids are in a nested list - this is causing lacing to try and create each soldi with the same name. If each sublist (or really sublists of sublists) has only one solid in it, then flatten the list of solids and generate the names from that and pass the flattened lists into the massing node, or if there are multiple solids per sublist union the solids into a single solid with a few Solid.ByUnion nodes and count/create the masses from that.


thanks for the tips! Flattening works very well for the lists if there is only one item sublisted, but if I have more than 1 item sublisted, flattening doesn’t work. Do you have any tips for that?

This addresses that condition, where you would want to utilize multiple Solid.ByUnion nodes based on the depth of your list. You could also flatten at say level 3, and then use one Solid.ByUnion node.

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thanks for your help.

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