Placeholder sheets - Archi Lab and Clockwork - Not working

I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I upgraded to Revit 2017 and Dynamo v 1.1 and both packages (Archi Lab and Clockwork) are no running the scrip properly. Instead of getting a sheet, I get a null value. Any idea how to fix this?

Hi Dan,

Please post complete screenshots / files showing null value. Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot. I tried it with just one string for each input as well and I get a null value as well.

Hi Dan,
Looks like your feeding string to sheet number. It needs to number.

So, I edited the custom node to allow strings and it worked fine previously in 2015.

Here is an example with the out of the box node with a number, it still seems to yield a null value.

Well the Archi-lab one works with strings because you were supposed to be able to use a sheet number like so: A100 instead of being forced to use just a number. Always feed a list of strings for both a name and number. Also, it will fail out if you already have sheets with the same number…right? No duplicates allowed…Revit rules.

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Yeah, that’s great! But I’m not sure why it’s coming out as a null value. I don’t have any sheets with those number or name in the project.

Try restarting your PC then try again. Check values which your feeding to “sheet Number” and “Sheet name”? Object type should be “System.String”.

I’m not sure what’s wrong. I restarted my computer and tried to reinstall Dynamo V1.1

Still getting this:

I appreciate it!

Looks like your having issue with custom packages. Try uninstalling all the custom pacakges restart your PC and install only archi-lab package. See if that helps.

I uninstalled all custom packages and installed only the archi-lab package and I am still getting null values.

It seems to be an issue with Revit 2017? I just opened up Dynamo in Revit 2015 and it worked. Has anyone had any issues with 2017 in this regard?

Taking it a bit further, I uninstalled V1.1 and opened the default Dynamo that comes with Revit 2017 (0.9.1) and it is working! Must be a v1.1 issue, then.

Although it seems like I can’t install the archi-lab package on 0.9.1… bummer!

It works for me Revit 2017, dynamo 1.1

It created four sheets though:

Well thats because inputs are meant to be a list. However, since strings are iterable it went through and created a sheet for each letter :slight_smile:

I guess I have to do some troubleshooting then… not sure exactly what the cause is.