Tool.PlaceViewsonExistingsSheets goes wrong

Hi all,

What is going wrong here?

I’ve group my views in 3 groups and create 3 views.

test sheets.dyn (107.5 KB)

I like to hear a response!

Did you try chopping your List of Points to List of Views lengths?

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Thank you for youre answer.
Still same problem. Am I missing something by my views?

I think that for this node you need to have same number of sheets/points/views. If you want more that 1 view on one sheet, you just need to cycle that sheet for amount of views.

I know what you mean: same count of sheets, views and points. But still the same problem.
I’ve tryed to chop every list but no result.

Do I need the other node? (Tool.PlaceviewsonSheets)

Bump… Im using the same nodes. Difference is that i create Sheet with other script. Are your views placed after you run your script?

Yes, the views are placed but on the wrong way.

Looks like a lacing and list level issue, specifically with the sheet or point nodes. Either adjust the list levels in the node, or set up the lists so they have matching view depths.

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I’ve tryed but nothing is working.
I will use the Rhythm node for this issue