Place tag by filled parameter

Is there a way to only place tags where a certain parameter is filled.

We have a pipe tag with a pipe number for our prefabrication to be displayed on a sheet, but when I use the tag all button, the tags are also placed on a pipe where this parameter is not entered. I just want to place a tag at the pipe where that particular parameter is entered with a letter or number, for example.

Can someone please help me with a start for such a script.

Get the view you want to use,Get all Pipes, Get parameter values of those pipes, Filter by boolean mask, Tag all Pipes left.


I will try that. Thank you for the start

Dear Marcel.

I made a start but i got stuck with filter by boolean to get a list with only filled parameters. After that i need to put in the function to tag them.

Here is my start of the script. Can you help me.

Tag only category by filled parameter.dyn (17.2 KB)

I don’t have Dynamo on the computer at home at the moment, so if anyone else can step in, please do.
Or provide a screenshot, so i can see what you have

Here is a screen shot from what i have so far.

My list with zero values that i not want to see won’t get errased. After that the tag must be placed on the view that i selected in the beginning of this script.

The node FilterByBooleanMask has two inputs.
The Mask input takes Boolean values (true,false)
Your input is a list of numbers

I will try to change this but i don’t know how.

So i will try to play with it but if you can help me a bit that would be nice.
The list of numbers contains also so empty values. These values i don’t want to see because otherwise the tag is also placed at these pipes where no value is in the parameter.

You can try to compare the values in the list using the == (equals) node.
Other options are > ,<, >= and >= nodes (there are more)
The nodes will give you a boolean to work with

hi @Olaf_Kappert,

I answered a similar issue recently. Have a look at this post:

Basically you want to convert your blank values to a boolean.



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The node List.IsEmpty can help here