Auto-number Mark Value based on String Filter


I am trying to create a list with a specific string in the description parameter.

For some reason i am getting NULL values.

I want to add a value to the filtered list and populate the Mark value. for example;

Find All Pipe Accessories that includes Valve, then renumber from Bottom Up starting at V001.

i cant even get pass the filltered list :frowning:

Is there anyone that can assist me with this?

@Myr thanks for your guidance it helped a lot… just have one more issue. i am getting an error on my set parameter by name node as per image.

Not sure if there is an easier way to do the filter for the various type of pipe accessories.

RenameMark_PipeAccessories.dyn (68.0 KB)

Try to change your codeblock ‘Mark’ to ‘Type Mark’ :slight_smile:

Hi @NicSass,

I am trying to update the MARK parameter which will be unique for every instance that’s placed in the project.

The TYPE MARK will not work in this scenario as it won’t create a unique value for every instance placed.


Is there anyone that can help me with this issue or just point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


I cannot see all of the nodes because the screenshot is unreadable.
What i do see is that when you try to set te parametervalues, the upper input does not get elements but parameter values.
If you have elements you can identify them by the green block with the Id in it
use more watch nodes

Are you feeding the elements or the element types in the final “SetParameterValue” node?
It looks like you’re feeding through the element type but can’t read the actual nodes in the script.


the logic in my head are as follows;

  1. get the category
  2. get all family instances from category
  3. filter family instances by bool mask
  4. create unique list
  5. generate mark value
  6. write to each element instance the new mark value

i have a feeling that the last node is not reading the elements correctly and i’m not sure which node to use or the list is not generating a valid item list.


the second node gives you all instances
the third node gives you the familie types of those instances
but you never switch back to the instances themselves

Exactly, this should make it work I believe.

Updated the script as shown,but the results writes the same value for all items.

Share the script and I’ll have a quick look

RenameMark_PipeAccessories_Test.dyn (28.3 KB)


The “List Create” was putting the list down a level too far, it isn’t needed as the elements are already in a list.

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AWESOME!!! Thanks @lee.dinh

I will add some more lines of code to see if it works for multiple string values.