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Hello everyone,

In my project there are structure as shown in the image. I want to place all sprinklers as per the dimensions on the image. Can you please give me dynamo script to do that. The structure file is linked file and sprinkler family is not hosted.Capture2

I suggest that you try to make a script first, then ask for help. This forum is very generous and helpful, but people are not here to make scripts for you.

If you are looking to place elements in the model, use the ByPointandLevel Node. If you are looking to adjust the height of existing elements, use the SetParameter nodes to adjust the “offset”. You could use the offset of the nearest floor and find the distance between them, but this a little more tricky, and I don’t know your dynamo competence.

Hope that this helps. Good luck


As @danielU3R39 said, do not ask things like:

No one will ever help you if you say that. Honestly, that is the worst attitude to have on this forum and I am surprised someone was nice enough to even respond to you. This forum is not a place to ask others to do your work for you.

Please read How to get help on the Dynamo forums before posting again.

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Thanks for your advice. As a beginer I tried some scripts according to my knowlege but it dosn’t work well for me.

can you please suggest a node to select the elements of linked revit file.

Thanks for your advice!

Have a look at this:

In future I suggest doing a search in the forum and Google before posting. And when you post, show a snapshot of your script. You will get a better response. Good luck

I found this article before but when i searched for "archilab grimshaw "package I can’t find the package and the “get document” node.

Try this