Place Repeating Detail by Curve

I wish to place a repeating Detail Item by Curve. Unfortunately, this is a system family, and I am stuck figuring out how to place it like a detail component.

It is my goal to create a detail and place it with a fixed distance along a line. The result should look like this:

The distance can be adjusted within the type:

Currently, I am using a detail item (no system family) which uses a formula to calculate the number of items. This way has problems with short lines.

This is my current graph. All output nodes return “Null”.

_temp_DetailComponent_as_Curve.dyn (51.0 KB)

Does anyone know if it is possible at all?

First thing I would do is not use the Repeating Detail function in Revit for this. Just make a single Detail Item and put your placement logic (start/distance/ begin-end conditions etc) in the script.

The RepDetail function is seriously lacking in that regard.