Place Reference Planes in Multiple Drafting Views

I’m trying to place reference planes along the four sides of a generic annotation (border) in multiple drafting views which have been duplicated w/detailing from a source drafting view. When I run my script, the first drafting reference planes are placed correctly, but the second view’s reference planes get placed on the source drafting view. It’s as if the script isn’t referencing the proper view at the proper time. A similar issue occurs with the source drafting view’s border getting renamed as if it is one of the duplicated views.

The overall goal of the script is to recognize, load, and place PDFs of UL assemblies, duplicating the source view as many times as necessary (only 5 PDF pages fit per sheet), deleting the unneeded sized borders, renaming them with the UL number, and placing reference planes around the border for ease of placement on the sheet. The original view shouldn’t be affect, which is not the case right now when I run it.

I’ve included sample import PDFs, the view that is being duplicated, and the dynamo script.

L556_24x36.pdf (254.1 KB)
L556_30x42.pdf (243.1 KB)
L556_22x34.pdf (257.6 KB)
_DUPLICATE W DETAILING.rvt|attachment (576 KB)
Import_Rated-Assembly_Size_PDF.dyn (401.0 KB)