Place Points on multiple Surfaces

I am working on a script following different examples found from here and elsewhere. The scrip I developed works if I select only one space to generate the boundary to place the diffusers. The diffusers are placed as expected; however, when I select multiple spaces to place diffusers I can not get the points to distribute across the surface correctly to place the diffusers as expected. I believe I have narrowed down the problem circled in the image. I can not get the code block and Surface.PointAtParameter node to distribute the points across the two surfaces as desired. I should have each surface with a even rectangular pattern of points across each. Can anyone identify what I am doing wrong?

Place Grid of Diffusers.dyn (61.6 KB)

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Sorry, the first image of the graph was not readable.

I was able to figured it out. I am not sure if it is the best method but I created a custom node and then just used list map and feed in multiple surfaces and it worked.