Place multiple couplings with certain distance

Please Can anyone make me a script for placing couplings multiple in a model so they will split the pipe and keep connection with several taps on this pipe.

Also couplings need to be placed by distance between them.
I’m looking for a function such like create similar but then with extra feature for multiple and with distance.

It would be nice if it is within a pop-up screen where we can set the distance between these couplings.

Please let me know

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I did something similar, should be able to reverse engineer it for what you need:

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Generally the forum is not a “please make this - this is what I need Dynamo to do”. Generally people do try and post some work and ask for help where they get stuck.


some research time will help also. I think we can create the family at the locations requested, but breaking the pipe is the tricky part. The only way around it so far is to delete old pipe and create new one between the fitting and connect back to system.
how much time would this save in your workflow?

if anyone is making scripts out there, i got a whole bunch i need done also, any volunteers. its for a good cause.


Before i start making a script i wanted to know if anyone is familiar with breaking in multiple couplings on a pipe with a certain length between the couplings. We have some problems with revit tools that they will recreate the pipe with this certain length.

For example we have a pipe of 12000 mm with several welded taps on it. I want to split the pipe and place a coupling on each 6000 mm for this pipe, in the tools that we have the tap will be disconnected from the pipe and i have to reconnect them. We don’t want to do this because it takes to much time. Therefore i’m looking for some routine that will break in the coupling without disconnecting the tap. I thought maybe to create a routine with create similar command in revit but then also added a feature that we can do this multiple with in a certain length.

Because this will be may first script that i’m writing and i’m searching for a start for this script i dynamo and if anyone have experience with it.

some research time will help also

Agree :slight_smile:

Suming-up all related documentation and references in order to clarify the issue might be a good start. Since this is you first script, you could need to decompose it into smaller tasks before getting to the expected result. By doing so, you will surely see what is possible to do with Dynamo or not, and why :slight_smile:

Edit: See if this discussion can help to get started:

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