Revit MEP Coupling Placement Along MEP Curve Line

Would it be possible to pull the MEPCurve length and to slice the length, at say ten foot intervals, to the overall length using DynamoBIM?

Hi Brian,

Are you looking for something like this.

Yes Kulkul! That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll post my results once I mess with this a bit!

Is there a way to slice an mepcurve to place couplings on those points. I can’t seem to get it to work… hmmm

I’m also looking into something like this…I’ve been able to get my points in the curve but I can’t see a way to place the connectors or break the duct in pieces…anyone ideas?

Hi guys!

I’m really interested also about using dynamo in order to play with MEP connectors because I think it could have so many applications to make more efficient MEP workflows. However so far, the only way that there is to play with connnectors in dynamo is by making a costume script in phyton. In this post you can find some inpiration:

Annother approach to divide a duct in several pieces with a certain lenght can be by using the new feature of Revit MEP 2016 “fabrication parts” and then clicking in “optimize lenght” of the ducts. In this video in minute 18 you can find how to do it. However unfortunately is not an automatized process by using dynamo.

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Alejandro Mata

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