Place Line based detail component family by curve and view

I created this graph to place a detail component by curve and view , but i got null
any idea why is that?

Is there any python inside the custom node? Might be easier to figure out if we can see the error underneath.

Also, have you tested before with another line and have it working with that family type?

I opened the custom node and copy-paste into my dyn,
i think the python node is not working ,the loop is going to except block

Can you replace the exception with this please…

except Exception, ex:
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i expected this error,any idea how to handle it ?

Here are some solutions…

  • Pull line onto the plane of the view. NOTE: This will cause projection skewing if the planes are not parallel so not ideal in all cases.
  • Transform the line into the plane of the view if you know what plane the lines are already in. A better solution as you won’t have projection issues. If you don’t have the plane of the line, you could get this by using some of the Plane Creation nodes from properties of the line and/or Element it derives from.
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Hi @rinag

Could you please drop here revit file with just one rebar on it?

rebar.rvt (2.5 MB)

rebar.rvt (2.5 MB)

@rinag Thanks for uploading revit file. Like @Daniel_Woodcock1 said you need to pull the line on to plane to get it work.