Place Level based Family by point and Level

I am quite new to Dynamo and seem to be having trouble placing Air Terminals by level. I don’t really want to adjust the height offset for each element level by level so I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to fix my problem? I am only placing the terminals at the center of each space as part of the early design. Air Terminal Simple Placement.dyn (216.3 KB)

Not positive I understand the problem with just the script…

Thinking back, do you have the behavior that on upper levels, the air terminals are being placed too high? Roughly double the height?

The terminals are in the center of the geometry, but when I then select them they have no host level and I am unable to assign them a host level. I was hoping I could assign them to a level with the FamilyInstance.ByPointandLevel but that doesn’t seem to help.

Hi @LUKE0214,

I think you need to play a bit with the list structure :-).
He is my go:

Take note of lacing and levels, or this wont work as intended :slight_smile:

This works nicely. Cheers for the help!