Place instance by point in multiple views

Hello, I’ve recently started to work with Dynamo and I have the following problem:

I have a list of views. Per view I want to place a single detail item at a given point also from a list. I just can’t get it to work. It only works when I take the first item of the view list, but then it places all the detail items in this first view. Am I doing something wrong or this this simply not possible ?

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Likely a list lacing or levels issue. Can you post the version of your graph which works for a single view?

Hi Jacob, here it is.

In your initial version (not for one element), try using views and points at level 1 and 2 respectively. If that doesn’t work try level 1 at both sets.

Looks like it only works with a single input for the levels.
As soon as I use a list it doesn’t work.

Sri g type of level - go back to how it was before but enable list levels in the FamilyInstance.ByPointInView.

Look here:

Also you should review the Dynamo Primer in its entirety. Skip nothing, even if the intended result feels like something you won’t use - the concepts demonstrated are the important bit, not the outcomes.

Hi @Fred1

You could use List levels like this to work with multiple views:

Great, it works. I didn’t know this hidden feature yet.
Thanks Jacob and Kulkul.

@Fred1 mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!