FamilyInstance.ByPointinView - Multiple Family Types

Hello all,

Attempting to use FamilyInstance.ByPointInView to place multiple families on a single view.
I have been able to successfully provide a single Family Type as input, as the next step in progression I wanted to provide a list of Family Types containing multiple families, so that each point has a corresponding, relevant family.

The base family is Generic Annotation and contains multiple types.

For some reason, the node is only utilizing the first familytype on the list. I have tried a few other list level combinations, they generally return null or only place a single family instance. I’m not particularly good at coding, so I haven’t gotten around to trying to alter the embedded python script.


Hello @Robert_Younger,
I am not sure if works, but my first instinct is to Try using lacing - cross product for latest node.

I was able to achieve some success with this process here. Try changing your lacing and flattening your points going into the family instance node.
Hope This Helps!

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Breaking down the list structure on the Drafting View input with a GetItematIndex did it.

Thank you!

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You’re welcome!