Place families along a model line at set intervals

I’m trying to develop a script that will place instances of a family at set intervals along a model line on a wall face. This is to insert a nailing pattern in a model. Here is a screenshot of an idea I started on:

It creates a point at the right interval, but only one and does not insert the family/

I need it to actually insert the family that is shown in the Family Types node and repeat it at set intervals. Any suggestions welcomed, thanks!

What type of family is that?

It’s only creating one point because you’ve asked it to create one.

You’ll want to use nodes like these to get a series of points:

As for it not appearing, are you using a detail item family? Those aren’t model objects and are specific to the view they’re in, so you’ll need to use a different node that also takes a view as an input. There’s one in the Clockwork package called “FamilyInstance.ByPointInView”

It’s a void family that puts a small round hole in the wall face to represent a nailing pattern.

It’s a void family that puts a small round hole in the wall face to represent a nailing pattern.

You might have to Join the void Families to the Walls to make them cut.

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion on placing more points, that is working well now. Still not fully placing the family in the model, though I can see it in the drop down list of the FamilyInstance.ByPoint node. It is not a detail family and can be seen in any view. Here is the new version of the graph:

Please share the family - it is likely a hosting thing (ie: if your void family needs a wall or face to host on)

It is a wall based void extrusion family. As a new user I can’t upload attachments, but here is a pic of a wall that had all the instances placed manually:

Wall based means you need to use another means of placing it. Imagine trying to place this family in a view at this location where all the walls were hidden - you’d never see the resulting family show up as it wouldn’t know about the wall. This is exactly what you’re doing with Dynamo right now. Instead of FamilyInstance.ByPoint you need to provide the surface which you want to work with as well - the node here will do just that: Dynamo Dictionary