Place Fab Part With Dynamo

I am trying to place a series of fab parts in Revit using dynamo. I essentially want the same functionality as Family.InstanceByPoint the only thing is that the fab part are not listed as a family in the Revit project I am able to filter the fab parts by categories just fine I just can’t figure out how to have dynamo place fab parts.

I am using Dynafabrtication 2017 & 2018. The create fabrication part seems promising but I cant get it to work.

What is the error you get on the FamilyInstance.ByPoint node? Hover over the yellow to cloud to see the errormessage.
How does your script look like at the moment including outputs?
From the top of my head, are you sure your filtered elements are FamilyTypes instead of the Family itself? I am not sure if the FamilyInstance.ByPoint is able to place families by the ‘parent’ Family elements.

FamilyInstance.ByPoint does not work for this application because the parts I am trying to place are fabrication parts loaded into the project in such a way that makes them not accessible by traditional Revit family manipulation. Essentially they don’t show up as a Revit family because they are not one. I have the ability to do it with system parts I just have no way to be able to physically place their fabrication counterpart.