Selecting Ducts with Fire Dampers

Hello everyone,
I am trying to select the ducts that include fire dampers in them. I started by selecting the fire dampers in the project ( I have one round and one rectangular to test ) and I need to figure that out in the best way if possible.
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use either list levels on “List.Contains” or lacing.

It gives me false only even they include fire damper name

Your “list.contains” is looking for strings… maybe use “string from object” between list.flatten and list.contains :wink:

And after you have fitlered out only the fire dampers you can just use this node from MEPover to return every connected duct.:

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it works. thanks a lot.

A quick question if you don’t mind. is there any node that returns Boolean if it contains certain elements?

Depends on what you are referring to; what would be the input and what would you like to see as output?

I created another topic in this regard. you can check it out.