Place a object along the path and align its nearest edge to the line or curve

I want to place objects along a path but cant able to align its longer edge to the path. Please find the image and kindly let me know the solutionPlacement I want

The objects were placed along a path but placed at center I just want to align it along the path.

I want to align the object after placement as marked no 2 in the snip. Kindly help me out

The graph used for placement of object

Hi :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be easier if you simply change the Family Origin in Revit and set it to the Top Reference plane (or whichever point you need aligned with the given curve)?

Place Family by point

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Thanks alot it works but if I want to place solid block right alignment of longer edge ? I want dynamo to have right alignment or left alignment of longer edge. Can you please show how to do that in dynamo. What kind of node I have to add to this graph so that it can be easily selected its origin(defines origin parameter) . We have two RP in the family right ? we have selected the top one as defines origin. If I want to select the bottom RP as my origin so how to define the node in dynamo ?

I m fining it hard to understand what you are doing and what you are aiming to do… left/right/top/bottom it is the same node. It’s gonna place the instance at the insertion point defined in Revit (ie: the intersection or 3 reference plans which define origin)

Maybe best if you try and experiment at your end see how it places when you redefine the insert origin in Revit…If the result is not what you are expecting then you could post what you got and what you expect… then I would be more than glad to help


Sure !