Align objects with a 3d curve - pt 2


I’m facing the same Problem as posted under the following link:
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I am using Dynamo and want to be able to place equally distanced objects on a 3d curve (3d spline from points) and those objects should align to the curve. I’ve tried out Joop’s solution but it’s not working and I can’t find the reason for it. The objects do not turn in the right direction and there are different warnings :-(

I would be very thankful for some help!

align objects to 3d line_V3_prob

align objects to 3d line_V3_prob_model



File: ObjCrvAlign.dyn (0.8.3)

Demo file: CrvObjAlgn.rvt



Thanks a lot Vikram!

Your solution is working very well. In the next step I’ll have to project it on a 3d curve like in the screenshot below. I think it wasn’t really visible in my first screenshot.

Any suggestions in the meantime are very welcomed :wink:

align objects to 3d line_V3_prob_model_2

Bartlomiej, I would have expected this to work even with a 3D curve, but it doesn’t seem to be working that well.



In my case, there are already problems with the curve itself. It is an adaptive family (spline through points). The result is:

align objects to 3d line_V3_prob_2





I just started a new revit project and got the same errors even with a planar curve (model line). Actually it only seems to work in Your sample file (and it works here really good):



I think I got it. It seems like we had to specify the input:





Thank you very much Vikram!!!