Place a list of detail items in a legend, iterate through the list

Hi dynamoers,
I am trying to place detail items in a legend view (I have done that a long time ago but cannot find the script…), I get to the point I can get the list of familyTypes, the same amount of point and the view to feed the Clockwork node FamilyInstance.ByPointInView.
So far so good.
It returns me X times the first detail item of the list.
I tried to iterate through or list.combine with no luck.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

aside from that I had to edit the python in the Clocckwork node to get it working.
I changed this:

if ft.IsActive == False:

for that:

for ft in famtype:
	if ft.IsActive == False:

@Andreas_Dieckmann (I know I should create an issue on github…)

oh, and I expect an answer before I come back from my lunch break… Kidding :stuck_out_tongue:!

Hi @Jean-Marc,

It’s probably a matter of lacing.

Try your graph with longest lacing on FamilyInstance.ByPointInView.

EDIT : Adding the screenshot.


Thanks @Alban_de_Chasteigner,
I tried before. no luck. I tried also both with original node and modified version… no luck either way.
Are you placing families in a legend?


Yes, the families are placed in a legend view.
Can you display the previews under the nodes ? (By Private message if you prefer)

I changed AnnotationSymbolType by FamilySymbol in my graph.

Dynamo collects the Curtain wall pannels in the Family symbols.
If you remove these pannels, the graph works perfectly with Revit in French or in English.
These pannels are probably not at the beginning of the list in English. It explains why it is working for you in Revit English.