Place familyinstance

Hello. I want to place familyInstance(line base) on the edge of the wall,door and window!!!
I can get FamilyInstance.byface to work.

1: The surface(wall) must be as “set work plan”
2: familyInstance must have startpoint(chek), direction, and length(chek).

Does anybody have a ide?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hover the inputs of the nodes let you see a description:

Face = a face on the wall (see the Select Face node)
Location = your points
referenceDirection = a vector depending on how your instance is build
Trying different options should lead you to the solution you need…
For some nodes, you will find further explanation here:

Thank you.

I can not get it to work.
Do you have a better clue?

At the moment, you are importing a Revit surface but you need a Dynamo face as an input. You can use the Element.Faces node to get the face from your selection:

The terms are a little confusing because actually, Select Face is selecting a surface and the output of Element.Faces are faces and not Surface[]. See this page for more explanation if needed: