Pipe Reference level verses actual level

I am trying to look up the invert elevation of a pipe and then make sure it is on the right level,
I have tired a few things but nothing is getting me what i am looking for.
there is a node out there that gets me nearest level but not actual level
any ideas?


Doesn’t pipes have a parameter called Reference Level ? You can check via the Element.Parameters node.

it does have a reference level but it can be referenced to any level and the offset so it is actually of another level


Always read comments description etc in youtube videoes the files may be there :wink:

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Doesn’t work missing node packages and what not.

If you make sure to have Archi-lab and clockwork installed as described on the download site you’ve come a long way… Really there is only one node that is not “there” that is the node “Get Level By Name”… So that single node you’ll have to recreate/find…

Sorry we cannot give you a complete solution but using a Forum driven by people offering their help volentarily have the downside that you cannot expect people to deliver a complete solution but rather expect you to deliver a minimum of work yourself…

Otherwise I’d agree with @Marcel_Rijsmus… Give up…

For the record the below is a picture of the entire graph from the video provided above… All credit is to:

A quick search on the forum shows this thread:

“Get Level By Name” node is from the Archi-lab_Grimshaw package.


But nowhere are you showing what you’ve tried etc… That will at best grant you inaccurate results…

Have a read at this post:

Just an FYI the pacakage listed do not work with the new Version of Dynamo that is the issue
but then i am not sure why i am even answering you. this board use to be helpful then people started being a pain

I’m so sorry if my replies have not been satisfactory… I’ll stop bothering you with replies…

You can always go back to version 1.3.3
We cannot help you with updates of the packages, so maybe this is an option

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I actually made some changes and substituted some of the node for other nodes and got it to work with a little rework this does way more objects that i am looking to do but it will be nice to do all at once

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