Pipe Network length (floorheating)

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I have a revit project with underfloor heating. I’m trying to calculate the length of a single heating circuit (color).
The heating circuits are drawn with the plugin MagiCAD and are therefore not single systems that I can select. All straight lines are in one system and all striped lines are assigned to one system. Between these two systems is a mechanical component which carries information for the temperature ect. and separates the systems. The problem I have is the selection of a heating circuit (color).
I tried it with a node from the MEPover package, but the selection is not consistent and changes even though I select the same object. See video in Link.
Does anyone have any idea how I can find out the length of a heating circuit (color)?

I added a Link to my Drive with the Revit File and the Video.

Actually you don’t have to do it with dynamo. You can do with revit also.

In your revit file, pipes are colored according to the “Comments” parameter.
If you get a pipe schedule and sort them according to “Comments” parameter you can get the total lengths.


Anyway here is the dynamo version.

I hope this will help you.

Thanks for the help
I wrote the comments by hand to show what i mean, i need dynamo to assign them automaticly.

Does anyone else have any idea how to solve the problem?

I think it is hard to do what you want with the way your model is set up now. If you try selecting every element from a system you end up with elements from another piping loop. Also the mechanical equipment breaks up the systems so you only get half of the piping loop.
If you could somehow create the elements in Revit so that they have some kind of common parameter or system then it should be possible, but the way it is set up now makes it really hard.

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Yeah, it’s definitely not easy. That’s why I’m looking for help here.
I am hoping that someone here has enough expertise to find a solution.