Pipe Material

Hi, i am trying to make a Dynamo graph to change the material of all the pipes but its not working. i am not sure what i am doing wrong.

@csanchez please look in the %temp% folder for the “Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.log” file for that session and post it here, thanks.

Sorry, for the delay Paolo. i was out the last couple of days. here is the log file. i tried with a different project with the sae result.dynamoLog_8fe7f2f7-0049-4b2f-8b8e-8463bc0246b6.txt (7.4 KB)

@csanchez I mean the Toolkit log in your temp folder

Paolo, where that would be located. i don’t see different types on the folder other than dynamolog_…

type %temp% in your address bar, if you cannot find it it means that there is no exception caught, which is not so good because then I cannot help you

found it. i change the extension to be able to uploaded. Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (4.5 KB)

If you open it you will see that it says “ERROR: the PartDataField is null”.
This is because it could not find the name of the parameter you wanted to change in the Part Data.
In particular, the name you should be using is one of the keys in the output dictionary out of the Part.GetPartData. In your case it is called “Mat” and not “Material”.
Also, the Pipe.Material and the PartData Mat are absolutely two different things (I know, it is confusing) although they report the same value.
In any case the property is read only and cannot be changed.

Paolo, i changed but still have issues. Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit (2).txt (13.3 KB)

yes please read my answer above

how about using the description instead. i tried the input as Description and the value remains the same

it works for me

i was using the same node. but yours works well. thank you Paolo.

Hello, i am trying to place some manholes that are on Civil 3D defined as “structure” trying to find a similar workflow, but i cant find the “PipeNetwork.ByName” and “PipeNetwork.GetPipesStructures” are these custom nodes?

@vvarela13 they are part of the Civil 3D Toolkit package.

So they are only within the Dynamo for Civil3D, not for the CivilConnection?

I need obtain the information from C3D and represented in Revit

Correct. I believe you’d have to use the MEP shelf in CivilConnection to create pipes.

Probably good to read the documentation on GitHub.

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Yes i have red the documentation, and so far i have managed to model the pipes with with its slope, it still is not bringing the pipe size or other data, also it duplicates, i dont know yet why this happens. I am using the sample civil3d model for testing purposes

Now i am trying to obtain a point structure so i can place the manholes with the data that they have been place in the first place in Civil3D.

Would i have to run a python script ot obtain this data from Civil3D, or exported in a excel sheet to then input the values with Dynamo, i am open to suggestions

I think it would be good to start a new topic since this one already has a solution and your goals are quite different from the original post. Would you mind doing that and then posting the link here?

Of course, thank you.
I will create a new post. Here is the link

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