Cannot get the DisplayName of the PartData or any other Data

Hello there,

I am trying to create a workflow that creates 3dSolids from Pipes in Dynamo and copy the data of the pipe (part) to the solid after creating it and place it in some Pset in the new solid. I do not have specific property in mind as i need to bring all the properties under “Geometrie” and “Komponentdaten”.

I am trying the retrieve the Partdata of a pipe part. I know there is a Dynamo node from the toolkit that can do but it only returns a dictionary with the DataField.Name and DataField.Value.

This great but I need to get the DisplayName of the property which is in my case in German.

I tried to get the PartData using Python myself and see how much information I can get. In the DataField class it is only possible to get “Name” (same as civil3d toolkit node), “ContextString” and “Description” which is much better for me but is still not enough as I need the display name which is in German.

So I have two questions here:

  1. Is it possible to get the DisplayName of the PartData or I need to create an enumeration manually at the moment to go further?
  2. PartData is possible to get automatically all of the data using Pipe.PartData. Is there a similar way to get all the properties falling under the “Geometrie” tab or I need to get them one by one and then group them together?

Thanks a lot in advance!

1- PartData Property
2- PressureNetworkPartData Members

3- PressurePartProperty Members

FOR GET properties “Geometrie” AS PICTURE LOOKING AT PressurePipe Members

GET properties
1 PartDataRecord Class

2 PartDataField Members



Thank you for the reply. What you mentioned is exactly what I am talking about in my original post. I realize I can get the PartData (not all of them by the way) of the part → DataRecord → Value and so on … but like I said there is no method to get the DisplayName for these properties which I require.

This is only valid for the PartData to get automatically a list of properties. To get the rest, I have to get one by one, here also I cannot get the DisplayName. Plus, not all properties are direct properties, in some cases they are derivative properties and need to be calculated from other properties.

So for now, since I still do not have an answer for my question, I will collect the properties manually one by one and re-group the way I require.