Pipe fitting (Bend, Tee, Cross junction) automatic tagging using Levels

Hi All,

I have issue with my automatic Pipe fitting Tagging based on Level with Automatic numbering.

Refer below my Dynamo file for your reference. Please help me to fix this issue.

Revit File:
Node.rvt (2.7 MB)

Dynamo File:
Node creation.dyn (25.5 KB)

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thank you for posting the DYN and a screen shot. I am not sure it is clear what your issues are. What is the behavior that is expected versus the behavior that your script is giving you? Are there any errors generated?

Hi @Tom_Kunsman,

Thanks for understanding my file.

I’m trying to automatic tagging for pipe fittings by below rule in node number parameter.

Now i got below results.

Can you provide a screenshot of the outputs of this section after a run: image

It looks like the string split + getitem is supposed to be used to pull the level number out from the string, but isn’t.

My initial thought is List.GetItemAtIndex needs the list input @L2.

Hi @Robert_Younger

Thanks for the finding, Now level number split issue solved.

We have total 261 Fitting elements in model, but only 4 numbers taged.

Node creation.dyn (25.5 KB) Node.rvt (2.8 MB)


I think I resolved, Can you check this…

Node creation - Copy.dyn (148.6 KB)

The desired output you are looking for this…

with Regards
Bharath Kumar

Thanks your input. Its working fine.

Small wish:

  • I have almost 20-30 levels in my model. for this i have to create individual group inside scripts for all levels or any shortcut method is there.
  • Once fitting is tagged with 210-1-0026 and i deleted in model, Deleted tag should not be created or assigned to any other or new fittings.

Node creation.dyn (69.7 KB)


I think it’s resolved, Can you check this…
00 Node creation.dyn (80.0 KB)

I think it’s resolved, Can you check this…
01 Node creation.dyn (104.2 KB)

Create a parameter as below:

Frist time need to run this script “00 Node creation”
For Next time you can continue to run this script “01 Node creation”
If you satisfied Mark as solved.


Thanks for your files.

First time node creation script “00 Node creation”

We have below total fittings available in different levels.


I got below result inside script.

Refer below output tag list created inside revit.

Node creation_01.dyn (42.3 KB)

Node Checking.rvt (2.8 MB)


Level reference is wrong in .rvt file

your first two screenshots are fine but the third one is not the desired output. please try to present it properly by sorting with a fitting tag. for your reference check the below screenshot

HI @Mepdot

Thanks for your reply.

Fitting in between levels should be tagged with original position level of element fitting.

In my attached Revit file all fitting’s are position in different level (the number of levels will be varies from project to project). So tag also assigned based on level.

Node Checking.rvt (2.8 MB)

Thanks for understanding.