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Hi All,

This is my first on the Dynamo community board, have only started to use Dynamo but have found it a great tool extension to Revit.

I have managed to extract pile loads out to excel using Dynamo, when returning I seem to run into a number of issues with ‘Element.SetParameterByName’ with warnings on each

The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: 'Revit.Elements.Element.SetParameterValue(Autodesk.Revit.DB.Parameter,

Has anyone had this issue before? Suggestions for getting it to work?



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Hi Lee,

Remove “SetParameterbyName” node and connect with "SetParameterName(CaseInsensitive) from Rhythm package. I think that will work.

Note: set lacing to longest.

Hi Kulkul,


That seemed to clear the errors with the set parameter. Appear to be an issue with the code block now. Receive this error:


Warning: ElementSelector.ByUniqueId operation failed.
Could not obtain element from the current document! The unique id may not be valid.
ElementSelector.ByUniqueId operation failed.

Out of interest what is the difference with the Rhythm package and what does set lacing to longest do exactly?




Try this from LukeJohnsons Package,


Strange ran it again and it appears to be fixed now.


Thanks for you help!

My pleasure!

If its fixed. Kindly make this post as resolved.

Not quite resolved…


Now runs with out errors but Revit model does not update :s

Did you try with lukejohnsons node?

Output to revit not workingYeah I have. Have made changes to both loadings and made them all 1500 for example. Save and close the excel file.


Dynamo completes with out errors but the revit model does not update. Am I missing a process?

Remove lacing it will work.

Did you sort your issue?



Have changed the lacing on ‘Set One Parameter to Many Elements’ to the shortest for each of them. Still fails to update the parameters within Revit. The parameters are nested with the pile family and not the project does that make a difference?



Set parameter null

Can you post your dyn file and revit file. I will fix it for you.

Return Pile Loads to Revit Export Pile Loads to Excel


Revit file to large to export will have to strip it down.

You can put the revit file google drive and post the link.

Pile Export Test


Revit File too.

Hi Lee,

I saw your file. There are few things which i noticed:

i) First your using your parameter type as “Text” change to “Number” and connect to standard set parameter node see below screenshot.

Pile Load1

Pile Load 2

ii) Secondly your using symbols in excel see below.

Pile Load

Good Luck!

Thanks for you help, amateur error.





Hi all,

I’m receiving the same error that Leopold had gotten while trying to use the Element.SetParameterByName tool. I’ve attempted all of the other versions of the node suggested in this thread with no luck. I’m trying to remove the Moment Frame connection on a list of structural framing elements so that the parameter would just receive a value of None. Any thoughts as to how to resolve this error?

Much appreciated,