Dynamo renumbering Mark value in the project environment

Hi all,

I’m having some problems with this code. I’m trying to export the pile mark value from the pile family add loads in excel, then bring the loads back into family in Revit. For whatever reason the loads are coming in, but the pile marks are being re-numbered by this code to random values. (see pictures below)

I run another code to give the piles a mark and this use a bounding box technique, could this be the scource to my problem?

Please see below.



Do you export elements IDs to excel? I think you should use Dictionary.ByKeysValues from SpringNodes for this and get rid of sorting nodes. Post revit file and dynamo so we can check.


I think I’ve sorted it, I put part of the naming code into this code then feed the elements into the loads as shown below. :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s illogical to me :smiley:
You should do sth like this (change category):

Cheer Tomasz,

I can’t do it by category as its a nested family and I would change the pilecap. that’s why I went for the element method.

I’ll have a look at this.

Thank you

So change “category - all elem of category” to “family types - all elements of family types”.



Where did you get the Dictionary.ByKeysValues node from? the ones built in to Dynamo only have 2 inputs.


Dictionary.ByKeysValues from SpringNodes