PI stations on Tangent instead of Mid-Curve

Hey all,

I am creating a script to place Cogo Points at all the PI points of my Alignment. Later on, I will add Property Set Data and all that stuff, but for now I am focused on the first part.

It seemed pretty simple with the help of the Civil 3D Toolkit. However, it does not place Cogo Points on curves the way I intend the script to function. It places the Cogo Points on the middle of a curve/arc, but I want it to be on the Point of Intersection (if I’m correct). In the screenshot below, you will see the Cogo Points and the Green X’s where I want the Cogo Points:

In AutoCAD, I would think you could fillet the curves with 0. I cannot find a way to get the outputed geometry to fillet it with 0.

Do you guys have any ideas how to move the Cogo to the Green X from the pictures? Thanks a lot!

There seems to be an issue with the node in the toolkit, somehow the station is reporting the Y coordinate of the PI point location. The easiest way to do what you are asking is via Python at the moment.

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That’s unfortunate, that the node does not work correctly.
However, thank you @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 for the script.

Thank you for pointing this out actually, the issue is within the API method called by the node, I’ve changed the logic of the node so that it returns the correct value and also added nodes that return directly the PI Location points. They will be available in the next release of the Toolkit


Thank you for your reply. I’m looking forward to the next release!