Cogo points from alignment vertices

Hi all, new to the dynamo space.

Problem: Trying to create cogo points at alignment geometry points.

progress: The watch node shows a list of points created (using point.byCartesianCoordinates), but no points are being drawn into civil 3D.

Need some clarity on converting these points to cogo points and why the command “point.byCartesianCoordinates” is not actually drawing the points.

thanks in advance.

There is a difference between Dynamo geometry and Civil 3D geometry. Any of the nodes under the “Geometry” dropdown are for dealing with objects within Dynamo only and not the host application. To create/modify/query objects in Civil 3D, you need to use the nodes under the “AutoCAD” and “Civil 3D” menus. So in this case, you should plug your Point.ByCartesianCoordinates node (or any other list of points) into the CogoPoint.ByGeometry node.

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This can be accomplished with the iteris civil dynamo package.

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Have not had a chance to start exploring the extra packages just yet but will definitely give it a go

@Solomonst - check out this completed .dyn file for creating points along an alignment. I’m sure if this doesn’t exactly work for your needs, you can modify it accordingly.CreatePointsOnAlignment.dyn (27.2 KB)