PerspectiveViewByPoints not creating views on the right place


I’m using the node and input as shown on the picture below, but the views are not viewing the right thing. The camera and camera angle are wrong, but I can’t seem to figure it out and fix it.

The python scripts can be ignored, they’re putting the coords in a list so I can make multiple views at once later.

When this view was created, it’s at the wrong spot, and with the Revit Lookup I found the following:

The PerspectiveViewByPoints node has a .ToXyz() so that might explain these werid values (for me), but I don’t understand why the view is taken at the wrong location.

Edit: this is the .dyf bottom part from the PerspectiveViewByPoints node where I edited it a bit so it can make multiple views from lists input rather than single point inputs.


It’s a units thing:

78648/304.8= 258.031496

It looks like you are entering coordinates in millimetres & it is displaying in decimal feet


Ah that explains that, thank you.

Any idea why the view is taken at the wrong location? As it is visually clear for me that the view created is not where I want it to be. When I highlight the surface I’m looking at for example it’s at the other side of the building…

I don’t understand

It is only the wrong position because of the units.
(1 mile,1 mile, 1 mile) is different position to (1mm, 1mm, 1mm)- it is about 1.7 miles away

Also note that Dynamo works with internal coordinates, not shared coordinates

Hm yes I’m making it hard to understand, I’ll try again:
I’m trying to make a view presented as the red arrow, but when I open the view it is made somewhere around the blue circle (not exact there, but the idea is that it’s not remotely close):

The coordinates are found with “spot coordinate” under annotation, and I use the North coordinate as Y value, and East coordinate as X value. (already have tried North for X and East for Y but neither works).

Maybe I am missing the point and the North/East coordinates are not the same as XY ?

Hope this clears things up!

depending on your spot coordinate tag- it will either show coordinates relative to internal origin, survey point or project base point

It sounds like your project base point is moved from the origin, or your spot coordinate tag is showing values relative to SP or PBP

Dynamo works in coordinates relative to internal origin

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Ah I see, I’ve got to align these three then…