Perforated surface with gradient pattern

hi to everybody !! I’m a newbie on dynamo and I’m trying to perforate a revit curved surface.

the aim is to create a steel mesh facade where the holes are focus only on the red line where the surface is thin
the holes are also disposed in a gradient way like this

My idea was to use some random points, use some function to applicate to radius circle then extrude the void form and intersect it with the surface.i try to do this but I’m not able to use function and replicate the random points, can someone help me? I also ask if this is the best way to achieve my goal.
thanks for the attention!!!

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Looks like you’re in the massing environment?Can you share a rvt file and current dyn?

yes massing environment,i found out that have to use surface point at parameter to apply the point at the surface, and then Surface.TrimWithEdgeLoops to perforate, but the UV point don’t appears.
in the dynamo now i decide to work with only one surface to semplify, once undestand the process i can apply it to the other one.
perforated surface.dyn (3.6 KB)

perforated surface.rfa (856 KB)