Holes in imported surface

hi guys i have seen other surfaces like this in dynamo, i have to perforate the suface with simple circle using _surface.trim with edge loops but it didn’t work as i wish, how can i solve this problem?? thanks!!
perforated.dyn (14.0 KB)

the definition has a select face node that doesn’t know what to point to. You may need to upload your rvt before we can see what happens. But from experience I’ve had so much tough time actually perforating a surface. There may not be a solution. Usually the effect is done through texture mapping of a rendering engine.

Are you looking for something like this?

@andreadp7 Here is an altered version of your file
perforated.dyn (17.2 KB)

yes my goal is something like this 6fe74f92c0ea58f20a5d70b4a3187b24
where the holes disappear, and following a reference line or something like that.

3d bando.rfa (892 KB)

this is the revit file in massing environment

You’ll need to create some sort of function for determining where the perforations will actually occur as well as what the diameter will be.